Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bike to Berlin

I wrote this originally as a new page on my blog but have since decided that I don't like the page thing.

March 13th

50 mile training ride

The first training ride I've been able to go on; they're normally on Wednesdays (when I have lectures) or Saturdays (when I have work).

It was supposed to set off at 10.30, but only me and one other cyclist (Kate) were there on time. After a few minutes spent speculating as to whether we'd missed the ride and/or we should set off by ourselves, others arrived. The proposed route was Leeds > Otley > Ilkley > Bolton Abbey, and back. Around 25 miles each way. See below for a rough representation:

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Because the group was mixed ability, we stopped every couple of miles to rest / let people catch up. This prevented a solid pace but it was quite nice to have the rest.

We ate lunch at Bolton Abbey café, or some similarly named establishment, rested for ~30 minutes, then set off again for home.

It was a lot quicker getting back. A different route was taken from Otley > Leeds to avoid cycling up a GIANT hill we cycled down on the way.

Points of interest on the ride included:

  • A couple having a "steamy Sunday" in a car in a lay-by

  • An ostrich

  • A sheep with a bad leg (aww)

  • A sign warning motorists to watch out for "Golfers Crossing"

  • Some stunning vistas

Bring on the next ride!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


too many:
missed lectures
missed shifts at work
things on my bedroom floor
things in my laundry basket
essay words unwritten
pounds spent

not enough:
obeyed alarms
course reading done
loads of laundry

from now on, more of the latter less of the former


fun had:
98% of time at uni since September

maintain this