Tuesday, 29 September 2009

generic update #1

This is about today.

Today was the worst weather I've seen in Toronto so far. I woke up to pounding rain and howling wind. I then felt a sense of gratitude that I was still in my warm bed, rolled over to go back to sleep, and was immediately woken up by my makeshift alarm clock (iPod).

How distressing.

I dragged myself up, opened the curtains, and cursed. This rain was on par with what I'd expect in England! I tried to consume breakfast and morning television with blissful ignorance to the torrential downpour taking place outside, but my vain attempt to ignore it for as long as possible before I had to go out in it didn't work: I knew what I was in for.

With this in mind, I made the best attempt at a matching outfit that would protect against the elements, and ended up in black jeans, a blue t-shirt and a burgundy hoody (although thankfully it didn't look as bad as it sounds). I went outside, and luckily, despite the previous over dramatisation, it was quite refreshing. I took a brisk walk (sprinted) to the bus stop, and inserted myself therein until the bus arrived shortly after.

The TTC orchestrated itself perfectly for me to make my journey to campus in relative dryness, and when I emerged from the subway to see myself surrounded by wetties despite the rain having stopped, I felt an enormous burst of smugness (remember this).

Most of the rest of the day passed without consequence, and I headed home at around 1pm due to a headache. The rain held off for the whole journey, until my left foot hit the ground upon departure from the bus. A few drops of rain quickly turned into the torrential downpour I mentioned earlier, and I was the moving epicenter. In the 2 minute walk from the bus stop to my apartment, I got completely drenched.

Good times.

Since then I've dried myself off, been to the shop to buy 2 packs of ham, a loaf of bread, and a packet of mince for $1 (60p?), responded to some emails, tried to whittle away at the things on my mind, and restored my laptop to it's former glory (I had to do a complete system reboot to get Google Chrome working again (the only alternative was IE!)). I'm now about to go to bed.

Good night all!

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