Tuesday, 1 February 2011

it's a beautiful day, so mannequin away

I'm feeling good about February, and indeed about life in general from this point onwards. (Not that life before this point has not been to my liking, of course.)

It feels like a lot of knowledge I've picked up recently, whether from friends, blogs, books or experiences, are coming together in a good way.

The thought of a 'milestone' date with regards to changes in attitude / habits / lifestyle isn't something I think is vital, but one seems to have arrived today, February 1st, nonetheless.

As well as being the date chosen by myself to embark on the 'rejection challenge' (Google it if you're interested; I haven't figured out how to post links from my Blackberry yet)*, I've also just received an email informing me that my application to be a 'giver' on World Book Night has been succesful, and I will be receiving 50 free copies of 'Cloud Atlas', a fantastic book, to distribute accordingly.


So keep checking this space. Hopefully I'll be able to share some interesting insights / amusing stories over the coming month.

*Edited 1/2/11: added link

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