Monday, 29 September 2008

101 things

I wrote this originally as a new page on my blog but have since decided that I don't like the page thing.

this isn't fully up to date!

Originally titled "101 things to do at Keele", but I think I'll amend it to be "101 things to do at university". I've made a couple of amendments since September 2008, the originals of which are in orange:

1) Put £1 aside for each goal complete (£0/£100)
2) Take a photograph every day
2) Keep a fairly coherent photographic record of life
3) Keep Reading wristbands on
3) Keep festival wristbands and bracelets even if I don't wear them
4) Maintain this blog
4) Maintain a blog
-- first Sugiharagami then this
5) Meet Leggle!
-- yep!
6) Meet Char!
-- more than met :)
7) Meet Chris!
-- yep!
8) Form a band
9) Play on stage
10) Record a cover
11) Write 10 songs
12) Attend a foam party
-- Woodstoke 2!
13) Attend a pub crawl
14) Attend a fancy dress party
-- been to baaare (lol)
15) Get a new guitar
16) Do a grade exam for guitar
17) Get a new bass
18) Learn a new instrument
19) Hit 50,000 plays on
20) Get 20,000 Gamerscore
21) Go on a shit scary roller coaster
22) Steal a gnome
23) Make a message with candles
24) Earn £1000
-- probably done this by now, yeah
25) Perform in some form of large ensemble
26) Drink a mint milkshake
27) Do Tequila Stuntmen
28) Do Gas chambers
-- with Matt and Dan Hines, what a combo!
29) Talk like a pirate for a day
30) Create and use a code
31) Learn how to finger pick
-- I'm a pro
32) Stop biting my nails
-- finally!
33) Go on a trampoline
34) Print out pictures for my wall
-- I like them
35) Toast marshmallows
36) Try 5 new types of coffee
-- cappucino, machiatto, almond flavour, cherry flavour, mocha!
37) Try 5 new spirits
38) Throw a party
39) Cook for 4 or more people
-- Connie, Daniel, Sharon, Mum, Finn and me. Made Burritos!
40) Take a flag / banner to a gig
41) Attend 20 gigs (12/20)
-- Glastonbury Festival '09, Amadou et Mariam, Bishop Allen, David Guetta, Frank Turner, Joshua Radin, Marmaduke Duke, Newton Faulkner, The Subways, Tinariwen, Twin Atlantic, Vic Chesnutt
42) Go on a plane
-- Canada and Japan!
43) Go on a boat
-- Char and I went up the Thames :D
44) Go abroad
-- see #42
45) Spend a night under the stars
46) Go to a cultural festival
-- Glastonbury!
47) Kiss in the rain
-- yay!
48) Do the next step from above, not in the rain
-- Interpret this how you choose
49) Don't listen to music for a week
50) Buy and listen to a random CD
51) Go to a café in Belgium
52) Go 48 hours without sleep
53) Swim 40 lengths
54) Be out in a storm
-- I got wet.
55) Do something epic with Dan
56) Go a month without fizzy drink
57) Attempt the Sims apocalypse challenge
58) Lay and watch the world go by
-- best thing ever
59) Take ABC photos
60) Hand make a present
-- done a couple :)
61) Take part in some kind of competitive sport
-- played football, go me!
62) Fly a kite
-- with Mum and Finn
63) Read all the Discworld books
64) Make a film for Youtube
-- see my channel: somekindatube
65) Boycot social networking sites for a month
66) Watch a musical
-- watched Grease with Char
67) Watch opera
68) Go clubbing
-- mainly Union and DANCE CAVE!!!
69) Learn how to make a roast
70) Take Finn for a day out
71) Spin Finn around
-- he got dizzy
72) Spend Christmas with family
-- extra specially nice after Canada
73) Play Sega Mega-Drive
-- in Simon's room in Horwood!
74) Drive a car
75) Do a stranger rodeo
76) Celebrate Halloween
-- fancy dress street party in Toronto '09
77) Participate in a food fight
78) Go to 3 music festivals
-- Glastonbury '09
79) Complete a hard Sudoku
-- I'm a Sudoku ninja now
80) Dye my hair
81) Draw on someone's face
82) Fall asleep in a lecture
-- was epic
83) Play frisbee
84) Have a conversation in Japanese
-- broken Japanese
85) Get a season ticket for Alton Towers
85) Go to Alton Towers
86) Eat proper sushi
-- in Japan. Had Sashimi as well!
87) Chuck out holey socks
-- also replaced them!
88) Wear a suit
89) Renew my passport
-- yep
90) Pull a practical joke
-- wasn't very good: I hid Simon's dinner
91) Go to the woods at night
-- had a bbq and drinking sesh
92) Be involved in a secret party
93) Listen to every track in my iTunes library
94) Don't get dressed for a day
95) Sleep on a beach
96) Go to Misato with Aaron
-- Jay and Dave also came
97) Go to Leeds
-- lol
98) See Dave and Jay together
-- at Leeds
99) Stay in touch with friends
-- so far!
100) Keep in regular contact with family
-- as above!
101) Graduate!!!

Find below any I've added:

102) Read at least a book a fortnight throughout 2010
103) Shower whilst listening to an "Oh Fortuna" dance remix
104) Eat a Vegemite sandwich whilst listening to "Down Under" by Men At Work
105) Make Skittles Vodka
106) Complete the GRIM Challenge and raise as close to £1000 as poss
107) Go to a ROLLER-DISCO

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