Monday, 22 February 2010

Chris the chef

I'm rather pleased with the culinary excursions I've made during the last week:

Tuesday was Pancake Day, and instead of settling for pancake mix as I did last year, I followed an online recipe and learned how to make them properly. The first pancake was a bit dodgy due to an overestimate on the amount of butter required, but from my experience this is often the case. To strengthen my pancake skills, I made them again on Tuesday evening with a savoury filling instead of a sweet one as I had done earlier; the filling of choice was sausage casserole, and despite making enough food for ~3 people, it was delicious.

Yesterday evening, Emily, Charlotte and I decided to make cocktails on account of being too poor to go out for drinks. We decided on Strawberry Daiquiris, mainly because it meant only one kind of alcohol needed to be bought (white rum). Breaking the ice led to some undesired consequences (a broken jug for example), but eventually we figured out that beating the bag of ice with a rolling pin was the way forward. We then blended strawberries, brown sugar and white rum with the ice and 3 delicious daiquiris were born.

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