Tuesday, 2 November 2010

week #3, 25/10-31/10, 2 supermarkets, £15, 5.35am

(I just realised that I missed something out, but I've mentally prepared myself from bed so I'll add it tomorrow)

Sorry this is late. Last week was a good'n and I ran out of time.

This post will involve anniversaries, halloween festivities, antagonism and bordering-on-alcoholism. But not in that order. Also ceremonies.

Anniversaries: Monday was the one year anniversary of Alex's random suggestion that I move into Huron (formerly his, then our, house in Canada (for those of you who don't know.)) Obviously something had to be done to commemorate this occasion, and that something was the consumption of illicit kebabs (illicit because we both recently became vegetarian (for those of you who don't know.)) Several schemes were hatched for how to get aforementioned moral contraband into the house, my favourite of which was to ring El Faro's and place the order from Alex's room in the basement, then send me to collect them under the guise of going to the shop. I would then post the food through Alex's window, before entering the house through the front door with a bag containing two cans of Coke (maintaining the illusion of shop-going), and joining Alex in the basement.

In the end, though, we decided to abandon the unnecessary semblance and eat the greasy, meaty goodness out in the open (i.e. in the living room.) Comments were made by shocked housemates, but none too scathing as to hinder our kebab enjoyment.

Halloween festivities and bordering-on-alcoholism: As you're probably aware, Sunday was Halloween: that one day in the year when it is socially acceptable to harass people for sweets in their own homes. It is also just another day in the year when it is socially acceptable for students to drink, dress like idiots, and take to the streets in a potentially menacing fashion.

We planned to go to the union as a house on Friday 29th in fancy dress, and party. Unfortunately, though, Chris C has been ill all week and was unable to join us. He was so ill, in fact, that he couldn't even join in our predrinking session :( George drove us to ASDA to procure cheap alcohol in the early evening. Cheap alcohol which was used to fuel a game of Ring of Fire. My triple Blueberry Smirnoff and lemonade was thrown away because it was mistaken for water, which was slightly upsetting, but aside from that, Emily falling over onto the table, and some rowdy disagreements about the rules, the game was fairly standard.

The union night turned out to be fun. Tom and I dressed as Backwards Men (backwards clothes), each with a different mask on the back of our head, and we'd practiced some backwards dance moves beforehand which we dropped at every opportunity. (Backwards dance moves are moves which give the illusion that the backwards man is in fact the front of a person, although there's something subtly wrong with the movements. Overall it's quite a creepy thing to see.) We stayed in the rock room for a while, dancing to some mad choonz, before going outside to cool off in the smoking area. It was here that I found £15 on the floor, before being told by a bouncer who'd seen me pick it up that it was his, and forced me to hand it over. Absolute bullshit, especially considering it definitely wasn't his.

After cooling off and being mugged, we went into the club proper to dance to shitty pop music, old and new. Alex fled at this point, unable to handle the concentrated cheese that was flying our way. The rest of the house sustained however, and we had some fun. Luckily the club closed at 3.30 and we were able to go home and mong out for a while before bed.

Halloween festivities continued on Saturday, when we went to Jay's house party. It's the first time I'd seen his house, and it made a good impression! Cake made by him and his housemates was on offer (and delicious), as was a cracking party. It took a while for us to get involved, but once we did it was a good laugh. I even saw someone throw up into a pint glass (something I'm seeing an upsettingly high amount of recently...) It wasn't all peachy, however. It was after this party that we encountered

Antagonism: After splitting into two groups to walk home, one who thought route A was quickest and one who though route B, we decided to stride purposefully across the park singing "Hey, Jude". Some undesirables saw this, and decided the best route to take was one of aggression.. Banter was had. One of the lads introduced himselves as "Your Worst Nightmare" which was intrinsically unsettling. Another looked particularly menacing, and it was this one whom Kristian chose to counter-antagonise. Luckily no blows were exchanged: I managed to send them away with (fake) directions to the (fake) party we had just "attended" (i.e. I convincingly bullshitted them into going to a party that didn't exist.)

I hate shit like that.

Some other stuff happened in the week as well, but I'll just summarise it in a list because it isn't particularly interesting: assessment, ill tutor, confusion, Psychology pub quiz, Morrisons, 15 hours at work, errands.

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