Sunday, 5 December 2010


I say, it's been a month since my last constructive post. How marvellously lazy of me. It's at times like this when I notice how cyclic some aspects of my life are, most specifically my blog cycle, which reads something like this: period of remarkable fecundity > attempt to schedule posts, thereby promoting regularity > drastic lapse in the frequency of my blogging > repeat. I recall this happening at least 3 times since (p)latitudes came to be, and each time I've apologised for my hiatus periods, promising to blog more consistently from now on.

Well this time, I won't make that promise. It doesn't seem to work, and quite honestly, the pressure of having to post consistent, meaningful, well structured updates is too much to handle. Can't a blogger just blog when they feel like it? When something particularly worthy of note needs to be recalled? When an item of interest is found that needs to be shared?

The short answer is "yes".

The long answer is "yes, of course. In fact, no one ever suggested otherwise, and the vicious cycle you're describing stems only from your deranged desire to impose order on something that does not necessarily need to be ordered. I.E. blogging. Now stop being so dull, and instead write something that provides a meaningful contribution to the blogosphere's rhetoric, you prick."

I prefer the short one, myself.

Here's a short piece of prose about the last 26 hours:

Last night, we planned to go to the pub. Instead Alex, Emily and I ended up sitting on the sofa, drinking whisky, port and whisky respectively, and talking about subjects close to our heart. It was rather nice. Bonding was had. Or perhaps done. The evening then developed into a nearly-house-wide drinking session, and involved, among other things, me nearly setting myself on fire.

Today, after discovering my laptop keyboard had been broken due to a port inundation, Alex and I headed to campus for what was planned to be a 10 hour work sesh. We started in an eatery, where I ate, before being moved on by techies who were setting up for something. Location 2 was the union pub, where we worked peacefully for an hour or so before being moved on by football fans who were staking their noisy claims for the upcoming match. Location 3 was library A, where we were unable to find a suitable work area. Location 4 was library B, where we were able to work without any severe harassment for an hour or so, before heading home with the intent of eating food.

Food was got, and subsequently eaten.

Then I worked some more, before deciding it was time to blog.


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