Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I'm currently in a test room of an academic Psychology building, having my blood sugar something measured as part of some study I don't know anything about. Every fifteen minutes my finger is punctured and the resulting blood collected for analysys, hence the post title.

I am confined to this room, unable to eat, drink, or exert myself, for three hours per session. This is so any changes in my blood sugar can be more accurately attributed to the study. Thankfully, those carrying out the study realised the inanity (word?) of three hours' solitary confinement, and provided a computer for participant use.

I have therefore spent a significant amount of time surfing the internet today. I set up a wittily-titled justgiving page for the 550 mile bike ride to Berlin I will doing in April. I read a rather inspirational blog. I engaged in banter with several friends on Facebook. Several emails have also been sent.

After this session, I'm going to work for three and a quarter hours, before getting a coach home for the Christmas period - something I'm looking forward to tremendously. Due to inconvenient arrangements all round, Christmas with my family will be divided into three: Christmas Eve with my parents and bro, Christmas Day with my uncle and his family, and Boxing Day with my grandparents and cousins. On the bright side, however, this arrangement permits me three Christmas dinners.

Om, nom, nom.

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