Saturday, 28 May 2011

the first idea

I can tell this is going to be useful; I'm struggling to remember the first idea that needs to be reinforced after being written down initially (only 15 minutes ago), without looking at it.

it's something about TV.

I looked.

something along the lines of "entropy is the normal state for a mind to be in, TV offers quick, easy and constant distraction from this entropy which is why it's so easy to spend hours watching low-grade TV. so: don't watch low-grade TV. find something more productive to distract from the entropy."

obviously TV is good sometimes. if there's a show/series I particularly enjoy I'll watch it, and, as I said, enjoy it. spending 6 hours in front of game shows and DIY programs however is something to be avoided (not that I do it in the first place).

hopefully I'll remember this next time I'm bored and lean for the remote.

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