Monday, 16 May 2011

summer's here

so term finished for me a week ago.

I managed to pick the exact modules as not to have any exams this semester (or indeed this year) and as a result the coursework deadline (May 9) marked the end of my involvement with academia until September.


now, while my housemates stress about exams, revision (or lack thereof), and deadlines, I sit in the smugly contented knowledge that I'm done. the smugly, slightly bored, contented knowledge perhaps...

to the extent that the highlight of my day (until the recent 'friendship sofa' revival and Frosty Jack's consumption) was cleaning the living room. (that's a lie - the highlight was tied between the following: watching 'Wifeswap USA', playing 'Portal 2', making and eating delicious pizza.)

but still, it's a weird feeling. knowing that theoretically I could just sit on my arse until September 21 with no ramifications whatsoever. I could, literally, play video games and eat junk food for ~140 days and not suffer any penalties as a result.

why the fuck did my 360 have to break.

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