Tuesday, 9 March 2010

(2.0109 x 1013) ÷ (6.692 x 109)

According to the World Bank, the population of Earth at 13:36pm GMT March 9th 2009 is 6,692,030,277. My library account number is 20109006909273, and logic would therefore dictate that mine is account number 20109006909273 to be opened.

If I subtract 1 from the population of the world to represent me, then divide by my library account number, the number I get is truly staggering: it appears that EVERY person in the world has, on average, 3004.9 accounts with the libraries of the borough in question.

That would explain why I always have to place a hold on the book I want.


  1. You could use the same logic on credit cards

  2. All library cards start with 20109. All books start with 30109, it's the way the computer program works. Not a very interesting mystery in the end.!

  3. dammit Hel! although that still means 6,900,000 accounts for Bexley borough...