Tuesday, 4 May 2010

a grim prospect (lol!)

It's really late and I'm really tired, but at the same time I'm too pumped to sleep! Emily invited me to run a 3 mile assault course with her this December, I accepted, and now it's all coming together. The most interesting thing that's happened so far is realising that Emily converted 5km the wrong way, and that the course is actually 8 miles long; 2.6x longer than the one I agreed to run, but never mind!

Below are three links; one to a site whereon you can donate to our cause, one to our Facebook group, and one to a video of last year's event to show you what we're in for:

The fact that it's called the GRIM Challenge worries me slightly; as does the waist deep mud and prospect of temperatures close to freezing, but to be honest my excitement is currently overshadowing the dread. We went on our first training jog today, and were both more than please with the outcome. A training regime is being planned currently, and hopefully the sponsorship will start rolling in and all will be well :)

As if this wasn't enough to disturb my sleep tonight, I had 4 shots of espresso earlier today to help me stay awake during one of the dullest lectures I've ever attended.

Fun fun fun!

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