Friday, 21 May 2010

@ the post below:

what a load of trough!

It sucks how glumness can set in so quickly, and cast it's glum self over everything else. I think the bout of glumness represented in my last post lasted about 2 days, with it's most severe period late in the last day (when I decided blogging about it would be a good thing to do).

It was averted by a combination of things: firstly me realising that moaning does nothing to solve anything; secondly me realising that despite the "important" thing(s) I'd missed that were "overshadow[ing]" everything else, I've got a lot of important things done as well; and thirdly my Mum tidied my room for me :D

It was really messy.

Anyway, a brief update on what's going on now: it's lovely and sunny outside. I've just eaten a jacket potato with cheese, mustard, salad cream, salt and pepper. In ten minutes I'll get ready to go to work for what would have been my 29th consecutive day at work if it wasn't for a migraine I had last Tuesday. I'm listening to Alexi Murdoch, and meditated recently, meaning I'm highly relaxed. I have a picture in front of me of 2 crows with cigarettes in their mouth, which I tore from the newspaper yesterday.

Riveting information, wouldn't you say.

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