Sunday, 23 May 2010

I don't need a reason why

I had to clean the "gutter" at work today; "gutter" being a euphemism for "filter-that-catches-all-the-shit-that-goes-down-the-sink". For a reason I can't comprehend, this "gutter" is cleaned at extremely distant intervals, leaving plenty of time for aforementioned shit to rot and fester. Considering also that most of the "shit" is discarded food-stuffs, the gutter smells. ("Smells" is also a euphemism in this context (for "absolutely fucking reeks")).

After much protesting on my part, and gentle persuasion on the part of my colleagues, I nobly agreed to undertake the cleansing of the gutter. Apparently this is a "man's job", which in my opinion is a crock of bullshit (equal rights 'n' all), so I was one of two potential candidates on today's shift; the other of whom did it last time. Resistance was futile, unfortunately.

I filled a bin with 5 bin bags, and donned 3 pairs of gloves, then unlocked the cupboard, unclipped the "gutter" cover, and began. Not surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as the hype. Things rarely are, in my opinion, but I admit I was terrified at first. After scraping week-old food into the 5 bin bags, and emptying the infested water, I removed the sieve-like cover and took it to prep-room for cleaning, then cleaned it and replaced it.

It made me think about how readily this society complains, moans and generally isn't satisfied by everything. Then that thought made me feel like an overly cynical bastard, which isn't a thought I particularly enjoy. It's hard to articulate exactly what I mean here, but go on Facebook or listen to any conversation in the street and you'll probably get the gist of it.


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