Wednesday, 11 August 2010

tick tock

I've just discovered this song, and I'm really enjoying it. The link will only work if you have Spotify. If not it's called "Tick Tock" by Jack Conte but I can't find a more accessible source for it.

I'm feeling really [some word I can't remember at the moment] at the moment. The word I'm looking for is like absorbent but for the brain... Anyone know what it is? It's a nice feeling though. It feels like all the effort I've been putting into improving myself and my situation over the last year are beginning to pay off. The metaphorical pieces are falling into their metaphorical places, if you will.

Slowly I feel I'm becoming more at peace with the person I'm becoming, which is always nice. Instead of grilling myself about my "bad" characteristics, I've accepted them as part of myself and somehow that seems to reduce the degree of their expression. Shyness is the main culprit: I used to give myself hell about being shy, but when I accepted it, it (somewhat contradictorarily (new word)) gave me confidence.

My brain, as well as feeling [some word I can't remember at the moment], feels like jelly today. This is due to two consecutive nights of heavy drinking. The first of which was a farewell drinking session for my friend who's moving to France. A hunt for absinthe led us to a Scandinavian bar in London which has cheap food and drink before 8, to which we arrived at 7.55. We ordered cocktails and four random food dishes, as well as consuming several pints of beer before heading to St James' park for late night frisbee / beer drinking / Buckingham Palace moonying.

The second was my friends fourth annual Summer bbq. I consumed six beers, two Tequilas (one slammer, one stuntman), half a bottle of wine, and 'some' Vodka and Coke, and was sufficiently wankered thereafter. The monster hangover I probably earned was negated by a lovingly prepared and delicious fried breakfast by the bbq's host.

What a legend.

But yes, that's the end of today's disjointed discourse.



  1. That song is more trippy than Pink Floyd's "bike". Can see why you'd get into it tho. I shall recommend it to my weird Indie-loving now ex-flatmate haha.

    Also, self acceptance ftw!! :D

  2. I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like!