Sunday, 29 August 2010


there's this girl...

she's really pretty. she works near my place of work, and we usually have similar shifts. the first time(s) I saw her I didn't think much of it, but then my colleagues pointed out the fact that she was pretty, and suggested that I should "make her [my] girlfriend".

now, I'm moving away in three weeks, and will be spending two of those weeks travelling in Europe, so I'm hardly in a position to make anything happen with a girl. this is the thought process I had initially, although as I said I didn't think much of it so even that is a slight exaggeration.

since my colleagues' comments, however, I've been thinking about her more and more and it's grating on me. firstly, I'm too much of a dork to talk to someone I hardly know without some coercion, especially while wearing my stupid work hat. secondly, the colleague who suggested I make her my girlfriend went probing for information from the other girls who work there, so I don't know how much they know, or indeed how much she knows, meaning I risk an embarrassing situation.

also, allow me to reiterate: I am a dork.

today she walked past and said hello. recognising this as a friendly greeting and potential conversation opener, I said "hello" back, then proceeded to drop a fridge on my foot and yell in pain. what an attractive prospect I must have looked.



  1. Bless. But it's not all about being pretty you know :P

  2. Chris, your so unbelievably dorky cute!!!

    Why can't I make you my brother in law???

  3. of course it's not, but it helps!

    haha thanks Nora! would that mean I had to marry your sister? lol