Sunday, 3 October 2010

roller coaster

I'm not even sure how to start this post.

I wanted to write about how malleable my mood is recently, but however I try and word it, it makes me sound like a whiny child. which obviously isn't what I'm going for. so I'm going to go for the "type whatever comes into my head and edit it into something vaguely coherent afterwards" approach:

listen to this song as you read for the full effect:

the 'problem' is this - the littlest things, things that shouldn't have any effect on me, seem to be getting to me this week. and although I can justify it (I've moved away from home (again) and started living and studying at a new university (again)), I'd have hoped the response would've been different the second time 'round.

but it isn't.

but then at the same time it is.

as in, it feels like it isn't, but when I think about it properly, it definitely is. things are going really well here, I'm enjoying myself largely and there's so much going on that I haven't had much time to myself to sort things out (both externally and internally - my possessions and thoughts are both untidy (that was another sentence that I didn't know how to word, so excuse me if it sounds overly pretentious.))

over the next week I plan to remedy this untidiness, and I imagine that my overly malleable mindset will be remedied along with it. I'm going to circle the events in the Societies and Clubs book that I want to go to, I'm going to tidy my bedroom and put colour coded post-its on my timetable so that I feel diligent. I'm also going to send some emails and find out what's going on about my job offer / travel writing competition entry eligibility / house representative's absence.

I'll (maybe) let you know how it goes.



  1. Just keep busy, that's all I can say... It will pass x

  2. thanks :) it kinda passed without me noticing, lol!

    did you like the song?

  3. It didnt sound as depressing as I'd thought lol.
    Like the guy's voice, sounds vaguely KOL

  4. he's really good - you should definitely watch "Surfer, Dude" if you haven't already!