Monday, 27 September 2010

Freshers 2

so, after a turbulent few months, I'm back at university again. Last time I was a student at a higher education institution was December last year, and although a LOT has changed since then, it definitely feels good to be back.

I'm all ready and registered, despite a last minute panic on Thursday morning that I didn't have the necessary documents required to enrol and register as an official student (also a prerequisite for receipt of a student loan.) That crisis was quickly averted, however, and the remainder of Freshers Week has been rather pleasant.

I recall the first bout of Freshers, which I experienced at a different university, being completely amazing but quite different. Not only did I experience it from the start, but I also met the girl who I would spend the next thirteen months with, as well as going to various parties, concerts and gatherings. This Freshers I only managed one of those things (I missed the first four days, and unless something bizarre happens I can't imagine entering a relationship with anyone I've met so far!), and the underlying vibe has been quite different.

Perhaps it's because I'm now living in a house with seven of my friends, rather than in halls with, what were in Freshers week, twenty three strangers.

But yes, four housemates and I saw Oceansize on Thursday evening, which was excellent. My first taste of Leeds' famous music scene, and one that left me wanting more. After the concert we went to a local pub wherein a pint of locally brewed ale sets you back only £1.81, a pub to which we returned on Friday for a few drinks with their friends. Saturday night played host to a nearby house party, although I wasn't in a party mood and the first thing anyone said to me there was accusing me of gatecrashing, so I went home for a quiet night in alone.

Today I accompanied two housemates to an ultimate frisbee training session, taking a brief detour to their old hall of residence to use the toilet, and a disused nuclear bunker where we had a brief look around before being threatened by security that we would be arrested if we didn't leave immediately. Slightly extreme considering there were no signs warning against entry, or anything that would suggest being on the plot of land was not allowed.

Nonetheless, we were not arrested, so all was well.

As I type this, I am listening to some banging choonz, and wondering what tomorrow will be like:

Transferring into second year at a new university means I won't know any of the people on the course who already know each other which is slightly daunting, but then again they probably won't be too menacing so it'll probably turn out fine.

Nine months outside academia means my level of knowledge may not be up to scratch, but then again my attitude towards study has definitely improved since first year and I'm more than willing to do the work to catch up so it'll probably turn out fine.

All the experiences and opportunities available to me here may be one of the best things to happen to me, and will teach me skills, introduce me to people, and open doors that may have otherwise have remain shut.

I can't see this could not turn out fine.


  1. You sound like you're having fun!

    I have mondays off on timetable so I'm starting back tomorrow. Fresher's week was insane... We went out nearly every night and were drunk for most of them, I even had a "roadtrip" of sorts when a white van man offered to give me a lift, but ended up driving me to a petrol station in the middle of nowhere in order to proposition me (thankfully I evaded capture and a nice elderly couple drove me home).

    What modules are you doing? Are you looking forward to the dissertation? And are you going to post photos of your house??

    I have split my blog into 2 and all the me-related things (including pics of my digs) are now in a different place (decubitus-squared.blogspot).

    Hope you had a great summer & birthday and missed your blogs.


  2. I am having fun! That white van experience doesn't sound fun though - luckily it ended well! :S

    I'm doing Psychology of Music, Electroacoustic composition (seems slightly wank but nvm), Music Culture and Politics in the 60s, Analysis of Tonal Music and Project in Performance learning the gamelan which I'm looking forward to!

    Dissertation seems kinda daunting atm but I imagine it'll be fun when the time comes! Not sure about house photos yet mainly 'cos I'm too lazy to take any :D

    Summer was good :) how was the remainder of yours? Hopefully I'll blog more now I'm back in a routine.

  3. That sounds IMMENSE, and I have to argue with you on the "electroacoustic comp" ;).
    Tonal music = YAWN.

    What are you planning to do for it though?

    Oh yeah. Summer was great :)

  4. tonal music =/= yawn! electroacoustic could be fun I guess - atm I'm not really sure what to expect...

    GET ON IT what? my dissertation? if so then I have another year yet!

    glad to hear it. now bring on an awesome winter, eh!