Wednesday, 8 June 2011


budgeting and time tracking (keeping a diary / making to-do lists etC) are both useful tools, and I've benefited from both. but the fact that I have to do these things sometimes annoys me, and it's hard to tell why.

I feel that if I didn't, I'd be less efficient / productive than I am now, (and my house mates will tell you that even now I could improve on both counts!) but doing so makes me wonder whether I'd be unable to function without the things, which isn't a nice feeling (i.e. the realisation that I'm relying on books and lists to be a functional human being).

obviously it's hard to remember every appointment / errand / social engagement without any kind of help which is definitely a 'pro' for writing stuff down, but at the same time referring to a book a lot and having to write everything down for fear of forgetting is a 'con'.

this is a rant. obviously something I need to think about a bit more before blogging properly :p

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