Monday, 6 June 2011

tidy room, tidy mind

and my extension: tidy mind, hard to find

the difference between 'maintenance' and 'expansion' was bought to my attention today by Sebastian Marshall, whose blog I may have mentioned before. It's an interesting distinction, one that I believe I've got close to identifying myself before but, as with a lot of things, hearing the information elsewhere can make it clearer.

the difference is this: maintenance tasks are things that keep you at the level of operation you're currently at; things like hygiene, keeping your work / living areas tidy / eating, etc. expansive tasks are things that help you move forward, so networking, enterprising, making new connections, etc.

keeping a balance between the two can be hard, and I think it's something I've had trouble with before. when you spend too much time on maintenance, there's less time for expansion, and although a 50/50 balance is unrealistic with the two, a better balance than what I'm guessing my average is can be achieved. keeping my room tidy is something that I'm pathetically bad at, and when it's messy I lose things and it's not as nice a space to be in. when it's tidy it's a nice space where I can be productive. this realisation should make me want to keep it tidy at all times, right? and I do want to. but I don't do it. why? who knows.

(I'm writing this as I think it. these aren't rhetorical questions so any answers would be appreciated :p )

Sebastian Marshall also wrote the following, which I thought was a really good quote:

"Things are never perfect. Acknowledge things as they are, always. Discontent and despair don’t serve you. When bad feelings come over you, acknowledge them and dismiss them. Thinking, reflection, and self-control reigns. Keep building. Win."

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