Friday, 17 June 2011

PHAT bass

just left Leeds house for the last time as a proper resident. I will return at the end of this month, but primarily in a cleaning capacity. my departure was marked by the bringing down of Emily's awesome speakers, and the playing of a selection of bass heavy music. various cooked frozen treats were also provided by George.

it's a weird feeling for two reasons, firstly the 'end of an era' thing, but secondly the underpinning 'I'll be back next week' thing, which I've already mentioned. I think the fact that we'll be there for cleaning purposes next time removes part of the finality but there's definitely a sense of limbo.

anyway, I just boarded the train home. it was a close shave though (this seems to be a recurring theme with everything I do; maybe my subconscious likes a challenge / the sense of adventure?). the ticket office were unable to issue me with a cycle reservation (I'm traveling home with my bike so that Alex and I may cycle from his house to Glastonbury next week). I was only vaguely aware of the possibility that I'd require a cycle pass, so luckily I was able to maintain my composure successfully enough to convince Farooq, the conductor, to let me on.

now I'm listening to Darwin Deez (standard), realising the omission of any fun activities in the items I've packed in my hand luggage, and wondering why the attractive lady opposite me, who's ticket says she should be in the seat next to me, is, in fact, opposite me.



  1. Psychology:
    Strangers prefer keeping a certain comfort-distance if room (empty seat opposite of you) allows it. Plus she can check you out better this way and the other way around ;-)...

  2. that's really interesting actually! haha yeah that's definitely why she did it ;P