Friday, 23 July 2010

go fuck yourself

have you ever been in an environment where *everything* you do wrong is commented on, even if you did a hundred things right as well? or perhaps one where people tell you off for doing things that they also do, or tell you off for massively petty issue then laugh it off when you raise a relatively major one of theirs?

I have - it's called WORK.

Job B, to be more precise.

it's reached the stage now where photographic evidence is accompanying verbal thrashings for my "poor" performance, which I find hugely patronising. and just for the record my performance isn't "poor" - our manager recognises that no shift has EVER been perfect, whoever worked it, but for some reason I can't quite comprehend I've began to attract complaints from approximately four sevenths of my colleagues.

I can take consolation, however, in the knowledge that while I may not be perfect, neither are any of the aforementioned four sevenths. nor are the five fourteenths who don't complain, and who aren't me. no one is. so despite the complaints, constant criticism and cajoling, I can remain stress free and maintain a sense of smugness at my workplace.

which is always nice :)


  1. I would LOVE to know who these dickshits are and their reasons!
    It's probably jealousy.
    Not that I know what your job is.
    You might be a rent boy for all I know ;)

    When I worked last summer there were some newbies in the kitchen and the staff had to write on a piece of paper what they thought of them. That probably happened for me as well. I think it's a leeetle out of order tbh.


  2. I know who they are, and I think the reason(s) is (are) just their personalities - they like to moan as it provides a basis for gossip and drama (which I find tragically inane).

    just for the record, I am not a rent boy :)

    that does sound harsh - newbies are just that - NEW. give them a chance I say, instead of slating them for every mistake, nurture them and help them to improve.

    that makes me sound like a rent boy haha.

    but yeah, my chin is thoroughly up, thanks :)

  3. I have many 'tales from the workplace' to tell. Namely, I was asked to heat a baby's milk. So I got kitchen man to do it, only it sort of exploded... so head kitchen man told me to take it out on ice. Then supervisor lady told me I shouldn't have heaten it (*I* didn't) or taken it out (though I was told to).
    Lovely verbal warning ensued.

    What made me laugh was that the baby's mother said she was pissed off with me - NOT cos her kid could've been burned or anything, but because I allegedly kicked her pram/threw her change at her.


    And the solution was for the restaurant to give her a coupon.

    I don't think they came back.

  4. yeah we have an anti-heating-milk policy in case the baby burns themselves but we ignore it. nothing's happened so far, including verbal warnings.. sucks though!

    ahh you should have! stupid hag. (her, not you)