Monday, 12 July 2010

harshest critic

↑ I've found mine.

he's always watching me.

he doubts every decision I make.

as soon as I trip up, he recounts all the mistakes that led to it.

it's so easy for him to make me feel like shit.

but to be fair he always helps me better myself.

seems to be swings and roundabouts


  1. I dig that. It doesn't matter if everyone else says the dress is good, if I hate it, I won't buy it!

  2. I know what you mean! I rarely buy dresses for that precise reason.

    The identity of the critic surprised me somewhat though :p

  3. Yeah. That applies to every situation. Maybe it's selfishness too, in a way?

  4. Well. Using the dress metaphor, if I think I look bad, I won't wear it, regardless of what anyone else says, because I am harshest with myself.
    But then, that's almost selfish, because that's doing what *I* want, in a way, regardless of what other people want or think.

  5. ah I get ya

    it's not selfish in the usual sense of the word but selfish in the sense that you're following yourself, I guess. but it's not selfish at the expense of other people so dw :p

    the harshest critic in the post is me anyway

  6. I KNOW it's you! Lol I'm not that simple ;)

    Yeah, I agree. The other day I was slagging myself off about something and I had a conversation where the person said, "oh youre so self-critical" and I went "well I'm critical about everything" and he reasoned "I guess if you're going to be critical about everything then you may as well be critical about yourself".

    Thought that might make you smile :P

  7. ah right.. wasn't sure, sorry! ;p

    it did - very true words indeed!