Tuesday, 20 July 2010

snooze dreams

my alarm has an unchangeable snooze timer of 5 minutes. I usually set alarms for 60 and 30 minutes before I need to get up; the former gets turned off, providing 30 minutes of glorious bed fug sleep before the latter goes off. I then snooze for the last 30 minutes, allowing me six 5 minute snooze windows.

although the snooze windows are short, the fact that I'm not awake properly yet means I can easily fall back asleep during them. for some reason the dreams I get during these snooze windows are, despite their erratic nature, unusually lucid. (I hope that sentence is right - I mean that despite the random topic of the dream, they are clear in themselves.)

for example today my snooze dreams included a chase through a sauna-come-kidnappers'-den. I came in accidentally through a tunnel in a back room, was seen, and then had to run away from some angry kidnappers through a series of (empty) steamy rooms.

then I was woken up by my alarm going off.

then I pressed the snooze button.

and fell back asleep, dreaming that I was at a meal with two twins from an old school, and their mother. the twins told me that they had separated after a massive argument, (separate as in divorce - not even sure twins can do that?) but that their mother wasn't aware of this. so when they were talking to me they were arguing and bitching, but they were all friendly in front of their mum.

how weird.

so basically, if you want some really random dreams, I recommend experimenting with your alarm's snooze setting.

that's all for today :)


  1. I always get this lol. And if I have a nap, even only for an hour, I dream, and it always feels like it's been going on for the amount of time a movie nearly takes. It kind of feels like I've watched a film when I wake up.

    Oh, and I love to fug, especially in a bed. haha.

  2. where else can you fug? I'm new to the concept so I'm not up to scratch on its intricacies yet.

    short sleep dreams are definitely the best. you remember them better as well.

  3. *facepalm*
    oh dear, (a)ttitudes doesn't get innuendo!

    I had a SHIT dream this morning that related to camping and an upcoming birthday do, and basically I was with a mate who decided to steal all my shit AND the tent, then drive off, so I yelled and all these people grabbed his truck and slammed it against a strategically-placed radiator on the street.

    Needless to say, I got back the tent.

  4. OH. I just got it. *facepalm* indeed...

    a radiator in the street? that's the best thing about dreams, total randomness that seems to make sense at the time. Glad to hear you got your tent back :)

  5. Lol cheers :D
    Yeah, I know, now I'm thinking "what the shit" but at the time it was like, "AIM FOR THE STREET RADIATOR!"

    Even so, sex dreams are w1nn3r, even tho a little TOO real haha.

  6. they're kinda weird.. don't you feel a bit disappointed when you wake up?

  7. No... cos I wake up when I've finished LOL!

  8. ah right! well that's just dandy then haha