Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hungary #1


I'm on a pay-as-you-go PC in the departure lounge, and have only 62 pence worth of time remaining (6 minutes 20 seconds!) so this post will be brief:

All is going well so far, despite three headaches I encountered earlier. One being leaving my passport 250 miles away. One being losing my coach tickets at the ACTUAL last minute. One setting of the security buzzer and being frisked forcefully (yet politely, I must say) at the security gate.

They have been resolved now, however, and I am now awaiting 6.45am so that I may board my plane and jet off to sunny Germany. Or rainy Germany, more likely.

I'll update more as I go, hopefully. Although I'm not sure what to expect when I arrive! The friend I was to stay with has arsed off to Siberia, and if it wasn't for a mutual friend housesitting his flat, my plans would be royally boned.

I leave you with this: who is Bill Posters? And what did he do to deserve prosecution?!

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