Wednesday, 8 September 2010

lucha libre pigeons

Several weeks ago, a friend and I sampled the Mexican cuisine of Chilango, a Mexican food chain who had just opened a local branch. We were delighted by the price and quality of the burritos, but were slightly troubled by one inconsistency between the menu and our actual eating experience: the fellow demonstrating how to eat burritos on the menu illustrations was wearing a lucha libre mask (see below) and we weren't.

Luckily, comment cards were available and we were able to express our concern about this discrepancy. That, we thought, was the end of it. Usually (from experience at work) these comment cards end up in the bin, but this time we were wrong! Yesterday I received an email from Oscar, Chilango's music manager, apologising for this inconsistency and offering to compensate by sending a lucha libre mask to my house.


The other part of this post title refers to a pigeon I saw in Leeds, and its retardedness. It was scrounging, and attemtping to break a french fry into palletable amounts by shaking it vigorously, but having no luck. After these futile attempts, it decided to eat the fry whole, then found out that this was a bad idea. it then returned to shaking its head vigorously, this time to avoid choking to death, and proceeded to launch the fry ~2 feet from its throat.

It was more spectacular in real life.

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