Saturday, 18 September 2010

lessons from the continent

people like it if you make them chips

in Australia, chips are chips and crisps are also chips

There are at least three ways to make the cocktail Misdirection
(Misdirection is a cocktail of cherry vodka and Coca Cola)

bars in Budapest don't ID much

cake is more slippery than people think

talking to random strangers isn't as dangerous as people think

skateboarding across the whole of Europe is apparently possible

H&M is really popular in Germany

C&A still exists in Germany

it isn't unusual to mix Cola with beer or wine in Germany / Hungary respectively

trains are a lot cheaper in Eastern Europe

a capital u with an umlaut looks like a smile: Ü

a capital o with an umlaut in the font jokerman looks like an angry person


  1. C&A still exists somewhere in the world? Dayum.

  2. yeah, pretty darn crazy eh?!