Tuesday, 18 January 2011

eighteen: zodiac overhaul

So, there's a new zodiac sign. According to some sources. I'm not sure if it's official yet. I'm not sure who has the authority to make it official, either. Or what they plan to do considering some cultures (one example being Hindus) already have a zodiac that differs from the possibly-former Western 12 sign system.

Regardless, it makes you think. If the zodiacal tenets of astrology are true, and personality characteristics can be attributed to the position of the Sun at your birth, some people, whose birthdays fall into different zodiac signs under the new system, will be expected to overhaul their personality to conform.

I imagine this isn't such an easy thing to do..?

Also, I realise that other things have parts to play in astrology. Houses, angles and the zodiac are all consulted to determine a person's horoscope, so perhaps only a third of one's personality will need to be changed?

Who knows. This is entirely speculative, I just wanted to write something.

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