Thursday, 6 January 2011

six: twice in one day

The title doesn't refer to the fact that this is my second blog post today, although that's a nice touch I thought.

What it does refer to is something my Mum and I have noticed: sometimes the number of things that happen twice in a short time period increases by such an amount that it's hard to chalk it up to coincidence. These aren't things like seeing a bus by the way, if that happens twice in one day we're quite capable of understanding why - an example of something that would be considered odd is waking up and remembering a TV show you used to watch but haven't seen for ages, then throughout the course of the day either a) seeing it on TV b) overhearing a stranger's conversation where the show is mentioned or c) something similar.

There probably is a logical explanation for such occurrences. Perhaps the program was mentioned on the news or on the radio the previous day and you don't remember hearing it outside of your subconscious? This could also explain why strangers are talking about it; they saw / heard the previous day's mention too.

Still, it's odd. Especially because, as I said, the number of such 'twice in one days' seems to periodically increase by a large amount in a short time. I've had two over the last week, for example. On January 2nd I was curious about Gerry Rafferty - the singer/songwriter most famous for 'Baker Street - and so read his Wikipedia page, then, on January 5th, I saw in the newspaper that he'd passed away on the 4th. Before January 2nd I hadn't given him a second thought for a long time.

There's a second incident I'd like to write about but unfortunately, and perhaps anticlimactically, I've forgotten what it is..


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