Monday, 10 January 2011

ten: this weekend

My watch's little loop-strap that holds the main strap in place broke, and the general consensus seems to be that little loop-straps are quite hard to fix. What a mare.

On a more interesting and prose-worthy note, we moved house on eight. Step dad enlisted the help of one of his employees and their son, Mum enlisted the help of her neice and her son (me), and with the combined efforts of everyone mentioned we moved the contents of our old house into two transit vans to be transported to our new house. (Three loads per transit were required (three return trips.))

A motivational fish and chip lunch was provided, or saveloy and chips / battered sausage and chips if preferred. The petrol garage had one litre bottles of Pepsi Max for a mere sixty five pence, so we bought three of those, along with two smaller yet more expensive bottles of Fanta, and a milkshake for cousin (Mum's neice).

At fiveish, Step dad, employee, employee's son and cousin left. Cousin had a party to go to, employee's son had to be home, and Step dad and employee decided to move some furniture from somewhere else that evening rather than postponing it 'til a new day. This left me, Mum and bro (who had recently returned from Mama's) in the new house.

The evening consisted of a Mediterranean supper (smoked salmon, olives, stuffed peppers, bread, and crisps), unpacking, moving and sorting contents of boxes, bro trying on an assortment of fancy dress items, and once bro had gone to bed, several games of Boggle. (I love Boggle.) Step dad returned around midnight, then I went to bed because I was knackered.

Nine was fairly uneventful: Grandma came down to help tidy, we chatted briefly, then she, mum and bro dropped me off at the station for my journey back to Leeds. In Leeds there was pizza, Planet of the Apes, banter, and Scrabble.

This blog post marks the start of a busy week. I have three pieces of coursework due in on fourteen, only one of which has been started. (Not out of laziness; the software required to complete the coursework is only available on a handful of computers. All of which are in one computer lab in a building which was locked over the holidays.)

That being said, please excuse any delays that may occur in ma bloggin'.


  1. I think I'm gonna look you up on FB. You're right that I don't swing by here that much nowadays... Just haven't had any rant topics of late :P

  2. Feel free :) I should be on