Sunday, 2 January 2011

two: food

I made pancakes yesterday.

Aaron came over, we were both hungry, and so decided upon pancakes as a cheap, easy, fun and delicious food option. 110g of flour, 2 eggs, 200ml of milk, 50g butter and a pinch of salt later, the mixture was ready for frying. (I'm not sure if you actually 'fry' pancake mix - there's probably a special technical term for the method of heating which pancakes enjoy, although considering the combination of adding the mix to hot oil and me not knowing this special term, 'frying' will suffice.)

You may have heard the adage 'the first pancake is always shit!', or perhaps you may not. It may be a family thing. Either way though, it's usually accurate: inexplicably, the first pancake turns into an overcooked yet somehow still soggy lump of gelatinous browny-beige gloop, fit only for consumption for a household pet or, failing that, a bin.

You can imagine the feeling of pride I experienced then, when yesterday's first pancake emerged from it's brief fling with heated vegetable oil as a nicely rounded, well adjusted sheet of batter, more than fit for human consumption. (It was a surprisingly good batch throughout, actually: Aaron and I made a few pancakes each and there were no lost causes.)

I discovered a good new savoury pancake filling too: cheddar, chorizo and chopped chillies.

My granddad also delivered a cache of leftover party food from his new year's celebration yesterday afternoon, consisting of most of a chicken, a tray of prawn vol-au-vents, some sausages, some chorizo, a selection of Asian themed nibbles, french loaf, half a Christmas pudding, most of a raspberry meringue, and a box of Thornton's chocolates. This was obviously way too much for one person to eat, so some friends came over to help me through it (while also watching a Bill Bailey DVD, playing Xbox, and generally socialising.)

'twas a good evening! :)

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