Friday, 29 January 2010

back in the ol' country

I say country; it's actually a ward within the London Borough of Greenwich. "Back in the ol' ward within the London Borough of Greenwich" just doesn't have the same ring to it though.

But anyway, here I am. I'm staying a short walk from my old house, a short bus ride from my old school, and a lawng way from home (around 30 minutes!). Why, you ask? My Grandparents have gone on holiday to Borneo and I'm looking after the pets!

I have a list of vital information: how the dishwasher works, what the pets eat, what days the recycling goes out, and most importantly - the details of Sky and Shiloh's medication. (Sky and Shiloh will be referred to henceforth as "Skyloh".)

- a side note: as I write this Bella (their cat) is licking the BACK OF MY HEAD.

It's odd being in the house without family around - I'm not sure it's ever happened before. It's peaceful though, and there's a Wii and a fridge full of food to keep me alive / sane. Also the solitude helps me focus on my current job hunting and stuff doing rampage.

Progress on the above is good by the way! I got accepted into my university of choice for single honours music, which I will be studying from 2nd year level in September! I found out yesterday and it provided me with a healthy dose of motivation; one which I am going to act on now and do the following:

  • eat a kiwi
  • grab a can of Coke
  • get ma smarts on (smart clothes?)
  • walk to the shop
  • top up Oyster card
  • head into town
  • drop CV off at some agencies
  • go to the library to get the next of my books
  • head home to pick up some stuff
  • head back here
  • catch up with some stuff
  • write another blog
  • do my Wii Sports fitness test
It's gonna be a busy (and productive day)! So bye.

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