Saturday, 30 January 2010

back to an ol' post

I say ol'; it's actually young (youn'?) - I posted it today. "Back to an actually young (youn'?) post" just doesn't have the same ring to it though.

It's fun paraphrasing myself. It's also not in vain: the reference to an earlier post in the title / introduction is an introduction in itself to a progress update on the "to do" list I posted earlier, which follows:
  • eat a kiwi - I had two
  • grab a can of Coke - I grabbed two too, and drank them
  • get ma smarts on (smart clothes?)
  • walk to the shop
  • top up Oyster card
  • head into town
  • drop CV off at some agencies
  • go to the library to get the next of my books
  • head home to pick up some stuff
  • head back here
    • the above 7 points were obscured by me waiting for a phone call for most of the day
  • catch up with some stuff - vague, yes: I tidied a bit, ate and played more Wii
  • write another blog - you're reading it
  • do my Wii Sports fitness test - 57! Down from 61.

Doesn't seem hugely productive from that list, does it. Luckily however, it was. The seven things I didn't get to do I can do tomorrow (the phone call arrived in the end), and instead of arsing around doing nothing, I constructed another to do list and did all the things on it.

Can't think of anything else to write. So bye.

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