Wednesday, 27 January 2010

positive reinforcement

I've been sceptical of my blogging ability recently, mainly wondering whether I write too much / too infrequently / too eclectically.

'Too much' refers to word count of posts, which is sometimes shockingly high; my most recent review, for example, was 1,830 words - a frustrating figure considering I wrote it in just under 2 hours and it usually takes me ~10 times longer to write the same amount for academic purposes.

'Too infrequently' refers not to time between posts, as it initially suggests, but instead to my habit of posting loads of posts at once, and backdating them to fit correctly into my blog archive. This isn't the best habit, but maintaining a constant pace is unrealistic I think because sometimes I just don't feel like writing...

'Too eclectically' covers all my other doubts. At the moment my blog is a dump for anything I want to write about, although I try to limit content to travel, books and interesting events that take place. In moments of ponderance I ask myself if this is too much? Would it be better to separate them into different blogs? Would it be better to make and host myself a website with different sections in which I could file content accordingly?

Who knows.

I've also wondered whether I should include more / less / any images. As I write this blog mainly to develop my writing skills, I usually lean towards the less / any end of the decision, but I appreciate that huge blocks of text are rather daunting for the reader and that pictures may help to negate this.

Looking for answers, I read over all my previous posts. This was useful in two ways - it reminded me that I've managed to keep a fairly coherent and interesting blog for just over 8 months now, and also gave me the answers to above questions / musings: the word count of my posts varies hugely, it's just coincidental that so many recent posts have been epic; my post archive, when viewed retrospectively, is never hugely irregular, so any issues with infrequency are only in the short term, and the eclecticism of subject matters seems to work in retrospect as well.

As for the pictures, I'm just going to go with it and see how I feel for each post from now on.

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