Sunday, 6 June 2010

as the days keep turning into nights

time's flying recently - it's the Summer equinox in just under 2 weeks, and I've been back from Canada for nearly twice as long as I was there(!). Although now I think about it - time always flies: it almost seems like yesterday that I was getting ready to go to Canada / Keele / secondary school...

but it's too easy to let things blur and run into each other when they go past at such speed. So easy in fact that sometimes it's hard to appreciate the times that stand out enough as to make an impression. For want of a better analogy - it's like looking out the window of a moving car at the landscape flying past; fields, trees, buildings, small animals and whatever else all part of the melange, but only the interesting things (like crop circles, or horrific car crashes) stand out.

I think it'd be nice to be able to pause the view;

bring out each individual field, tree, building and small animal;

look at it, and appreciate it for what it actually is, instead of as a fleeting detail.

now, stepping back from my (crap) analogy for a minute, I think that was a subconscious goal of mine when I set up this (and any previous) blog(s). It/they provide(s) at least something in the way of a record of the past - and usually of the otherwise fleeting things like overly petulant people I encounter at work, or products that elicit particularly strong sensual reactions (the fields/trees/buildings/cows of my analogy, as it were).

(also, just to clarify for any perverts; I was referring to Vanilla Coke)

these are the kinds of thing that can so easily fade into the background, and eventually into obsolescence, so try to notice them. try to appreciate them, as often they'll have at least some form of positive impact on you (even if it's just a brief smile)

and if they don't, just let them fade :)

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