Sunday, 27 June 2010

a vampire weekend

this weekend drained me somewhat, but was really cool at the same time - kind of like vampires, although they aren't really cool... more suave. or maybe debonair. either way, I enjoyed it. also the soundtrack for this weekend has been mainly Vampire Weekend (oh wait, it was a pun?!), to whom you can listen below (perhaps while you read the rest of my suave and debonair post):

I shall begin with an anecdote from Job B: we are sometimes visited anonymously by secret shoppers, whose job it is to catch us slacking and provide detailed reports of our insolent behaviour to the management. so far at my time in Job A, we have scored 80% or over on these visits, which is good, and the anecdote is actually about some other visitors we get: secret comedians. these pose as customers, and ask horrendously unfunny questions which pertain to our company, or the products and nature thereof.

I encountered my first on Friday - 2 young boys asked, while somehow managing to keep a straight face, how much hot chocolate with sweetcorn would cost. unfortunately I have not received my secret comedian training, and so was forced to maintain a deadpan expression, enter "hot chocolate" into the till with a sweet topping of "sweetcorn", and disclose to the comedians that the price was £2.45.

I fear this will hinder my performance in their report.

I also fear that my account of 2 kids trying to have an innocent laugh was way too sarcastic...

never mind, though.

Saturday was probably good too although I can't remember now what happened.

Sunday bought England's defeat in the world cup, which me and a friend witnessed in a local pub. watching football in a pub is definitely more interesting than watching at home - the chants and songs add to the experience, as does the caution you have to take to not slip over on spilled beer when you walk. it's a shame we've gone out really, I don't particularly follow football but it would've been nice to watch a couple more games.


  1. haha those kids suck. I hate secret comedians :P I'm glad you took it so well.

    Oh, I confess I cheered for Germany. Does this affect your assessment of me? You should cross over to the other side!!

  2. yeah what douchebags!

    I think Germany deserved it and I don't really care for football so you're safe :p

  3. Who hasn't heard of Vampire Weekend? Culturing the already cultured haha.

    Yeah, I know we lost and all but I feel like that's the best we played all tournament. Seemed to have more excitement going on, esp for that split second that we were drawing.

    My prediction was, in the second half, that we'd either draw 2-2 or it'd end up 3-2.. So I didn't expect we'd get thrashed to that extent.

  4. a lot of my friends, surprisingly! haha

    it was the best of the two games I saw (the other being England-Slovenia) but I still think Germany played better. it's a shame the second goal was disallowed though - would've changed the nature of the game! although you can't really say "what if" in sport I guess

  5. I > your friends :P

    Weeeeell. I don't know. Cos maybe they played better thinking they were losing. Or maybe they'd have played better, had they known they were drawing, and could win.

  6. hmmm... that equation is controversial haha! although def in terms of hearing of Vampire Weekend :p

    and that's true, but what's done is done and England blew it - lol

  7. Me: 1 Your Friends: 0


    Well, England blow a lot of things, including Fabio "want some copella" copello.
    Not that I mind, cos I like his muppety face :P

  8. do you mean copella the juice or the fish? if he does look like a muppet, it's a very angry one!

    and yeah that score seems more fitting with the football theme!

  9. Wait... there is a fish??
    Juice, naturally! He needs to calm himself down with the zingy taste of mango.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. yeah, it's a genus:

    what post did you remove btw?

  12. Oh, I double-posted... Why? Intrigued?? ;)
    Is it weird to be British yet HATE fish&chips, unless they're stuff you get frozen at the supermarket?

    Haha that fish is very endearing.

  13. yes, intrigued! and yeah that is kinda weird... fish and chips is amazing! second only in Britishness to kebab. or perhaps pizza.

    fish and chip ready meals for £1.39 from Select n Save are the best thing ever though

  14. I love fish pies haha.
    And donner kebab is SO hot, espesh after a night out... I am SUCH a dirty Northerner!!
    Well it's more the chips I don't like, I'm a bit weird about them lol and they taint the rest of the meal. Plus they never have Heinz ketchup and usually pour disgusting amounts of vinegar over my food.
    When I went to Australia, a pelican stole my fish!! D:

  15. I know what you mean actually - the chips always taste faintly of raisins...

    kebabs are best after drinking but Ive had so many that I can enjoy them sober.. a worrying thought!

    hah when I went to Australia I saw a wombat do a huge fart on a guys lap hahahaha

  16. LOL thats JOKES!!
    I got to hold a koala so YEAH, beat that, wombat-boy :P

    Raisins? HAHA. I actually think tobacco smells like raisins, til its burnt that is :P

    As for kebabs.. ohhh don't make me DROOL.. We have this shitty, flea-infested place called "topkapi" and they are soooo munch, I always have lots of onion on mine even tho I regret it when I wake up and can taste oniony vodka, like some kind of French person :P

  17. I held a snake.. but that wasn't in Australia, and koalas are cooler so yeah you win.

    and yeah raisins! I went through a weird phase where chips made me feel ill because of the raisinness :(

    can't wait to move back to uni for that precise reason. kebabs all the time! and I don't really drink vodka or get onions, but I get the same thing with cheap cider (classy!) and chilli sauce haha! like some kind of cheap student person :p

  18. My cousins had a snake called Benji.

    Me >>> u & ur m8s

    LOL okay :P

    Cheap student person?? I don't know what you mean haha.

  19. you know, 90% of the student population?

    also, stop with the derogatory mathematical equations! me at least = you, I think. although it looks weird when it's typed like that. maybe me/you=1, implying we're equal in value. although that could be interpreted weirdly as well.


  20. All I could think of was "WE ARE ONE" hahaha.

    Which would explain why we both signed up to Blogger in August last year.
    And that we are both born in August of the same year.

    I'm sure there was some other crazy shit too :P

  21. At least put I=U cos then it looks slightly more mathematically inclined :P

  22. it is weird isn't it? probably something correlation between being born in August 1990 and being awesome.

    I=U is good. better then me/you=1 because that is read as "me over you" which sounds dodgy hahaha

  23. and

    U = loser

    ∴ I > U


  24. amendment: U = "loveable loser", was it?