Thursday, 24 June 2010

a list of things I'm excited about

  • Budapest
  • Darwin Deez @ iTunes festival
  • Seeing James and Laurine
  • Moving house
  • Darwin Deez @ Leeds
  • Frightened Rabbit @ Leeds
  • Turning 20


  1. Aren't you scared about turning 20? Quarter-life-crisis and all that? :P
    Haha cool, Budapest.. I'm only going to a campsite, and that's when it FINALLY gets booked!

  2. I already had my quarter-life-crisis! Only recently sorted it all out so turning 20 is a welcome change :)

    also - hello!

  3. you did? How did it go?
    I'm 20 next month and shitting bricks.

  4. I dropped out of uni, worked 2 jobs to become a functional human being again and reapplied to a different uni, all in all it went well though :)

    aww don't be scared! I'm 20 next month as of today lol, we'll be fine

  5. I am also an August birthday, not til the 22nd though. Some of these similarities are a bit freakish lol.

    I only have like 60 years left to live :O

    Which uni are you at now?

  6. yeah it all seems a bit freakeh! and that's a very positive way of thinking about it :p

    I'll be at Leeds as of September, wahoo!!

  7. where is Lincoln? google tells my partially-drunken self that it's in Pennsylvania but that doesn't seem fitting