Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Deez, pleez.

I thought I'd share the following video with you. (most of) those of you who know me will be familiar with my affection towards the musical stylings of Darwin Deez, and so it pleases me that since seeing them supporting at a concert in a small venue in Toronto just last October, they have managed to gain a dedicated (if small) following in the UK. this is their 3rd single:

now, in further Deez news, I would like to inform you all about how massively and stupidly excited I am about the pending "Deez Day". several of my Canada chums and I will be meeting in London on July 6th for undecided social activities, before heading to see Darwin Deez at the iTunes festival. the day not only marks the first time we've seen each other since December, but something of a milestone considering the first time we went out as house mates in Canada was to aforementioned concert in Toronto :)

but yeah, that's enough about Deez now.

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