Sunday, 20 June 2010

monkey business

the world is very vocal towards me these past few days: I sneezed on the bus and a woman blessed me, I was crossing the road the next day and someone I didn't recognise said "hello, Christopher" (which was weird), then today I was spoken to by strangers on two separate bus rides. The first encounter consisted of a compliment about my hair, while the second was a full blown conversation with a 9 year old about life, money, phone contracts, work, and much else. The latter was prompted by the monkey teddy I have sticking out of my bag pocket, about which aforementioned 9 year old remarked "I like the monkey!"

all this spontaneous conversation made me feel uneasy, which subsequently made me think about how stupid that reaction was. We're taught not to talk to strangers from a young age, and while the reasoning for this is largely good, it could be argued that it turns people into paranoid sociophobes.

then I thought about how awesome it is to have a monkey teddy sticking out of my bag pocket. I recall three conversations initiated by Esteban (the monkey) since I put him in my bag. The first was in Osaka in December, when two Japanese girls said "kawaii saru!" which translates as "cute monkey!" I found this awesome, although I was unable to converse with them due to my low level of Japanese. The second was the conversation I mentioned taking place today, and the third was also today, when a chav observed "'ere, 'e's got a munky in 'is bag!", and deduced (incorrectly) that this made me a "loser".


  1. Hi, I came across your blog as I linked via Eric Zaworski's. Still new to this blogging concept, but your style of prose really struck me as original and articulate; I hope you don't mind that I've added you.

    I especially like the part in this entry where you had a conversation with a nine-year-old about life. Hahaha. Add me back if you wish!

  2. LOL. It DOES make you a loser... Just a loveable one :P

  3. Oh, and I should add.. I know what you mean about the strangers-thing. Sometimes I'll see someone wearing a great outfit and won't say anything in case they think...Well..that I'm a loser :P

  4. hey! only just saw these comments, I've now turned on comment notification so next time it won't be so long (2 days, how rude of me!)

    thanks Everygirl! I don't mind that you've added me, and thanks for the compliment :) the 9 year old was interesting, he had quite a mature outlook about some things!!

    and Decubitus I'm happy to be a loser as long as no one takes away my monkey!! it's hard isn't it - random encounters with strangers are usually good though

  5. Exactly. Everygirl and I have been here every day, waiting around for you to comment, bastard.

    You forget that I said "loveable loser", that makes it less loserish :P

    Also, please take off the Captcha.. it's sooooo annoyinggggg and you're not lucky enough to get spammed :P

  6. I'm a bad person/blogger!! :'(


    yeah loveable loser is acceptable, the guy I mentioned in the post wasn't so kind though *sob*

    and I will, although it's going straight back on if spam arrives!

  7. Yaaay thanks.
    Haha. Well that is how I will refer to you from now on ;)