Monday, 7 June 2010

the napster

I had three naps today; one between 9:15 and 9:45, one between 11:20 and 11:40, and the final between 1:30 and 3:40. I appreciate this sounds fairly lazy, but to paraphrase Cat (from Red Dwarf...), "if I don't have enough naps, I won't have enough energy for my main evening snooze!"

in terms of explanation; I haven't been sleeping well recently. I had a dream last week that I woke up paralysed, and it freaked me out sufficiently to disturb all subsequent sleeps (dreaming that you're awake when you're asleep then waking up and not being sure if you're actually awake or still asleep is weird enough, without paralysis being involved.)

the latest nap was on the reclined passenger seat of my Granddad's car, which was in the car park of Job A. he was booked there until 4, and I waited for him to finish as he'd kindly offered me a lift to Job B. after napping, I had a can of Pepsi and a bag of chocolate brazil nuts, then read the paper and thought about what an awesome day I was having so far, before being driven to Job B.

at Job A, by the way, I learned by proxy about several voice disorders, as well as watching videos of each disorder 'in action'. I must say, seeing what the vocal cords and related speech system actually looks like kinda takes the edge off of things; watch the video below (of a female with vocal polyps) and then imagine that most singers probably have some kind of disorder (mostly mild and unnoticeable) because of their profession, and that the voice is created by such an ugly system:

anyway, Job B was relatively uneventful. it was a really quiet shift and as a result we were able to finish the close by 9:10, which is usually unheard of. my colleague and I had some good banter during the shift, and I even bought myself a new t-shirt during my break (pictured below) which made me laugh, and was only £10.20 with student discount so can't see the harm!

the 9:10 close meant I was home by 10:10; it's now 11:42 and I'm going to bed. had a pleasant evening consisting of dinner, chat with Mum, and watching various Youtube videos.


  1. I don't get the video. are we supposed to hear some singing lol

  2. nah it just shows vocal cords moving as they do during all speech / singing and it's kinda gross!

  3. It doesn't look like vocal cords to me :/

  4. 'tis indeed vocal cords! gross eh.

    I've been note taking for a Speech and Language Therapy student recently so my knowledge in the field has increased :p pretty random though

  5. Lol, what would that be, Job C?