Sunday, 6 June 2010

way upon way upon way

you wouldn't think a frappé latte could act as a metaphorical catalyst, but today one did.

at work there seems to be two ways to do everything - the right way, and their way. their way is always right despite it often not matching the right way, and following the right way can get you in a lot of trouble because you aren't doing it their way which despite being right, is wrong.

as you can probably guess, this system causes problems (mainly because it's fucking retarded).

each aspect of my job is governed by a nifty document outlining the right way to do everything (let's call it The Holy Book), which is posted around the workspace as to always be visible. I decided upon being employed that following The Holy Book would be the best course of action, and envisioned that my colleagues would do the same, although unfortunately this is not the case:

it seems that each colleague has devised their own way of doing most things, and for the most part I have no problem with this as the outcome is the same, or at least unnoticeably similar, and creative thinking should probably be encouraged. the one thing that does grate on me though, is when they presume their way is the right way, and that my way (the right way) is the wrong way, and proceed to lecture me accordingly. (I'm not being smug by saying my way is the right way, by the way; I follow the rules set out by the company, so unless something is intrinsically wrong with the company, logic would imply that the rules (their way) are/(is) right).

but I digress.

I mentioned a frappé latte acting as a catalyst, and this is exactly what happened today - The Holy Book states that powder should be added first, followed by ice, then milk to the top. this assemblage should then be blended, poured and served to the customer, this is the right way, and this is the way I do it. this doesn't match their way however, and today "they" observed me making a frappé (chocolate flavour, I recall), noticed I was doing it the right way, and punished me for my insolence (by way of slagging me off). not one to enter petty slinging matches, I merely highlighted how if they want to do things their way, fully aware that their way is the wrong way, they have no place to tell me when (they think) I'm doing it wrong. also that if they had a problem with this, they could stick it.

the moral of the story is: either follow the right way with resolve and accept that occasionally the right way will be (perceived as) wrong and you will be lectured accordingly, or follow their way, alter whose way you follow depending on who's around, and ignore the way that is intrinsically right for the one that is right in their eyes but intrinsically wrong.

a further moral of the story is: work is intrinsically fucking retarded

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