Saturday, 12 June 2010

leading your life right

watching this lecture has been on my to-do list for around 4 months now, but was consistently swept aside by more "important" tasks such as ensuring my recent Amazon deposit (£70.53) was forthcoming, or that this blog was sufficiently up to date. When I finally got round to watching it last night (or early this morning at least), it really put the importance of aforementioned tasks into perspective.

the lecturer, one Randy Pausch, was given a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2006, and gave the above lecture in 2007. he was told to expect 6 months of remaining good health, but still managed to keep a positive outlook on life and, through such means as this lecture, to inspire people worldwide.

I appreciate you probably have things to do that are hugely important, but nonetheless I recommend watching this video when you can fit it into your massively busy schedule :)

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